Welcome to our extensive library of videos that provide a Sign Language 'dictionary'. Our mission is to collect as many videos as possible as an easy way for anybody to check whether a sign is authentic and whether it is still in use. To browse through our Video Library, make use of the Video Menu.

Uploading Videos

Real SASL Deaf Community Members can upload videos of their own for consideration. Log in and click on the "Add Video"  button. Please note that all videos are subject to review. Once your submission has been approved, it will be published to the website for others to see and vote on.


Our Deaf members can vote for videos per TOPIC by searching for videos from our extensive "Wordlist".  All videos filed under that TOPIC will display, allowing you to vote for your favourite within that TOPIC.

In South African Sign Language, we have various dialects of Sign Language; sometimes it happens that two or more signs per concept exist. With the help of votes, we can see which of the Signs are frequently used. Indicating which signs a most often used makes it easier for people who want to learn South African Sign Language. A 12th Official Language is possible when signs are well documented.

Since Sign Language are native to Deaf people, voting and uploading privileges are only given to the Deaf.  For help with voting and uploading videos, please visit our Help page.