Number Dash


"Number Dash: A Fun Game for Young Kids" - Rules for the game are included in the PDF.

This game is designed for young Deaf children, reinforcing  South African Sign Language number recognition skills.

The large-sized cards are great for young learners. Instantly download upon purchase.

A fantastic addition to your lesson plan!

Use code "REAL12" for a R12 discount. 

South African Sign Language Font


The SA Sign Language Font instantly converts typed text into corresponding handshapes. It's perfect for educational purposes and for creating engaging content.

To install:

  1. Purchase and download the TTF file from "MY PURCHASES" and then "DOWNLOADS."
  2. Double-click on the TTF file and install the font.
  3. Open Microsoft Office or Microsoft Paint and choose the SA Sign Language Font - The font can also be installed on Pxlr (an online Photoshop).

The font is exclusively compatible with laptops and PCs and cannot be installed on mobile devices or tablets. However, you can purchase the font using your mobile phone and later transfer the file to your computer for installation. Refunds are not available for digital products.

Use code "REAL12" for a R12 discount.