South African Sign Language Alphabet (ABC)


The SASL Alphabet can assist you when learning other handshapes.

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ABC Alphabet South African Sign Language 2022

 Common Myths Regarding the South African Sign Language Alphabet. 

Myth 1:  "I Know the Sign Language alphabet, so that means I know Sign Language."  

Truth:  By knowing the Sign Language alphabet does not mean you know Sign Language, it is like saying:

"I know my English alphabet, so that means I know every word in the dictionary".

The Sign Language Alphabet is usually used to spell proper nouns of which there is no sign for yet (Names of people, places or organisations). 

Myth 2:  "If I don't know a word, I can just spell it, and all Deaf people will understand."  

Truth:  "What if I spell the word pneumonoultramicroscopicsilico-volcanoconiosis, would you know what that means?" 

When you spell a word you assume that the Deaf person you are spelling the word to, knows the language you are spelling in.  

Myth 3:  "A deaf person sold me an alphabet card; this means I support the Deaf."

Truth: Almost all people that are selling the Sign Language Alphabet cards are hearing fraudsters pretending to be Deaf.

If you want to help the Deaf community, you can support Deaf events or donate money to Deaf schools.


Regardless it is still essential to know the South African Sign Language Alphabet because handshapes are part of the parameters of a signs.