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South African Sign Language GRAMMAR






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In South African Sign Language there are five basic elements or parameters that make up each sign. Click the button to find out more.

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Indexing or pointing works well with classifiers, but don't get confused.

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Directional verbs help you to communicate faster in South African Sign Language by signing the subject, verb, object in one motion. Check out more below.

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Useful tools for Sign Language Professionals and learners

Our LTSM section is aimed at providing essential and useful tools to Sign Language Professionals that can assist them in teaching Sign Language to learners. Here you will find a variety of proven teaching aids that make learning Sign Language easy and fun.

We will continuously upload new tools as they become available, so keep checking back here for more. We also invite you to share any teaching aids you have found to be effective. Just go to our Contact page and let us know.

Download Useful Software Free


fotosketcherFoto Sketcher is a completely free programme for Windows that converts digital photographs into sketches in just a few mouse clicks. There are over 20 different styles to choose from - from pencil sketches to watercolour paintings; from pen & ink drawings to cartoons. Developed by David Thoiron, it offers teachers a useful aide in producing educational drawings from digital photographs. If you like the software, you can donate a coffee to David in thanks.




Download RealSASL Font FREE!


alphabet s5The Real SASL Alphabet Font automatically converts typed text into the appropriate handshape. You can use the software in all Microsoft Office programmes. Please note you are not permitted to sell or resell this font. 




Download Handshapes (Morphological Order)


Here you can download individual handshapes as they should appear in morphological order. You can choose to download the handshapes either with or without handshape titles. Please note that you may only use these pictures for educational purposes without profit in mind, and may not resell them or use them online or in any website.  

handshapes with titles right2handshapes without titles left2

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Useful Links

FREE Online Photo Sketch Maker

Photo Sketch Maker is useful when you need to make any photo into a Sketch, similar to the programme FotoSketcher.

FREE Online Photo Resizer

This website allows you to resize photos.

FREE Online Photoshop 

The online Photoshop allows you to edit photos online for free.

FREE Online English Dictionary is a free online English dictionary with 70 Million Users.

FREE Online Thesaurus  

Ever wonder what the synonym for excitedly was? Here you can find synonyms for most English words.